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A calm start to my day

My energy was off because work had been hectic. After day 3, I felt more grounded and calm. Usually my mind is racing."

Pyone A.
Boston, MA

A tool for mental health

What I like to tell people is that Bace isn’t a cure-all, but a great tool just like meditation or exercise! I use Bace with intention and it helps me support my other routines."

Eddy O.
Brooklyn, NY

Sleeping through the night again

I took Bace to try and help my sleep issues - waking up at 3am has been the norm - now I’ve never felt more refreshed."

Dan B
Brooklyn, NY

Calm energy

“I used the Discovery Pack, and now use the capsules daily. Small things get in the way of my day but since using Bace I’m calmer and more aware of what makes me happy.”

Margaret F.
Reno, NV

Great for focusing

“I took a Bace capsule for a work brainstorming session. I felt focused and more attentive. I thought it would wear off quickly, but it didn’t. It helped me smoothly move on with my day.”

Alex L
Brooklyn, NY

Improved my recovery

After a long run, I take a 25mg capsule at night and feel way better in the morning. It’s made me enjoy running even more.”

Kyle C
New York, NY

The only one that's worked

I finally understand how to use full spectrum extract, especially with the Discovery pack. I’ve tried many different products before, but this was the first time I felt a difference."

Jeanne A.
Ridgewood, NJ

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