Being a working mom seems to come with 5 additional titles these days. I've always known I wanted to be a mom, so the idea of sharing my career with raising children was never a surprise to me. I've even been able to relish it, both jobs feeling like welcomed breaks in the day and force shut off times. In short, I think I've done a pretty good job at living a balanced life. But when covid came around all of my well-oiled rituals went out the window.

Stress moments became stressful hours, and the fact that I couldn't escape it started to weigh down on me more than I can ever remember. I don't consider myself an anxious person at all either! I used to tell myself that stress doesn't exist, and that I could only be anxious if I allowed myself to be. But the reality of the pandemic, teaching my kids at home, trying to stay online for work, maintaining a house, and actually doing my work has been more than I can handle.

I first tried Hemp CBD as an experiment after going to my therapist. She offered to prescribe me an SSRI, but I didn't want to go there immediately. Anything that I was going to put into my body had to be non-addictive, easy to stop taking, and natural. A friend recommended Bace, and I was so excited to find a company that relies on science.

I had no idea what a steady state was, or how to find my right dose before reading up on the Discovery Pack by Bace. I've tried other Hemp CBD before, so it was important to me that I could try something at a reasonable price before committing. At $25 with an initial discount it felt like a no brainer. While the 10mg gave me a slight feeling of calm, I found that the 50mg capsule is what's best for me. Some days I'll take the 25mg if I'm feeling like I need less, because I'm always trying to get to the place where I'm not taking anything. But it's so good to know that I have a tool if I need it.

What I found with hemp wasn't an immediate fix, or a perfect solution to the day's craziness, but rather a deleting of the underlying fear of not having it all together. My anxiety is a physical feeling that rears its head when I am afraid of not being able to do it all. The stress of trying to keep it all together kept me from finding small moments of calm - and I needed to be able to do this. After all, this whole thing is a marathon, not a sprint. I'm happy that I've found something that is simple, and works, and is helping me feel like myself again. If you're anything like me, I recommend getting a Discovery Pack and seeing how Hemp CBD helps you.