The nerve pain from my shoulder first started bothering me after I tweaked it at the gym (again). I love to stay active, and used to use yoga as a way to loosen my muscles (before the pandemic). Obviously, that’s been difficult to maintain, and because I’ve stopped stretching as much, the nerve pain has progressively gotten worse. 
I use ICY-HOT as a last resort, but don’t love smelling like menthol or getting it on my clothes. I heard about hemp from one of my coworkers and wanted to give it a try. 


First impressions

I did quite a bit of research to find out what the best formulation would be. I knew that I didn't want anything with Lidocaine in it, because that would just mask the pain. I also didn't want something that had small amounts of CBD in it - if I was going to give it a shot I really wanted to try something potent. I found the Bace Relief Balm, ordered it online, and two days later it arrived at my door.



When I say I was shocked… I was SHOCKED at how well this balm worked. Within just 10 minutes the nerve pain that usually radiates from my neck down to my right pointer finger essentially disappeared. It not only eased the pain, but it felt so smooth to apply and didn’t transfer to my clothes at all. 


From Skeptic to Advocate

I had no idea that I could find a natural pain relieving solution to my nerve pain, but this Hemp Balm has been a game changer. I originally bought it to try on my neck, but use it as an all-purpose pain relieving balm wherever I’m feeling aches and pains. 

I recommend it to all of my friends and co-workers and even gift it whenever the opportunity arises!

For anyone dealing with the aches and pains of 2021, I highly recommend you try it out - it could be a game changer for you too.