I've struggled with anxiety for years. I'm a very cerebral person and find myself overthinking simple things. After starting a new, high-intensity job, it became worse. As an avid runner, I usually find exercise stabilizing, but it wasn't doing enough. 

I’ve never been one to follow trends. With a background in sciences, I tend to look for facts before incorporating new tools into my routine. When a friend recommended Hemp oil, I laughed at first. I see it everywhere, and I've written it off as a fad. But, as a naturally curious person, I started to do a bit of research. I learned that Hemp oil impact on stress has significant scientific backing. 

I figured there is little downside in giving it a try, so I began to search for a product. I looked for something that was both safe and potent. I came across Bace and liked their focus on science, safety, and quality. I was intrigued by the Discovery Pack which follows a research-backed process for finding your optimal dose by experimenting with different strengths. Plus, I liked that they have rigorous testing standards that they publish on their website. So, I gave it a go.

Getting started with Hemp

I ordered the Discovery Pack to start. A box showed up at my doorstep two days later. I opened the box and read the included guidance pamphlet. I started with the "Day 1" 10mg capsule in the morning before work. I found myself a bit more focused and calm, but nothing too significant. Each day throughout the week, the capsules increase in strength, and I logged my results. By Day 3, the results became noticeable. I felt calm and stable like I would after a yoga session. The results continued to build over the week.

"I felt calm and stabile like I would after a yoga session."

By the end of the week, I was convinced of the efficacy. Even my running pals noticed a difference.

Loving the results

I decided to subscribe so that I could always have Hemp in my medicine cabinet. I now use Hemp most days and find the results to be powerful. As an added plus, I learned that Hemp is also useful for recovery, which is great for me after a long run.

I honestly am shocked by the results. I'm excited to continue learning about Hemp and its many benefits and share this new tool with my friends and family.