My lower back pain initially began once I started working from home. At the office I was used to walking around more, talking to colleagues and grabbing a quick bite. But with the kitchen right around the corner, I rarely get up and struggle to control the pain in my shoulders (from hunching) and lower back. 

I've tried everything. Lidocaine in icy-hot, Advil and Motrin, and have even taken up yoga once a week. I decided to give Hemp Balm a try after learning about it from Kevin Boehnke, a researcher at the University of Michigan. I was skeptical at first and wasn't sure if it would help. 


First impressions

I did quite a bit of research to find out what the best formulation would be. I knew that I didn't want anything with Lidocaine in it, because that would just mask the pain. I also didn't want something that had small amounts of CBD in it - if I was going to give it a shot I really wanted to try something potent. I found the Bace Relief Balm, ordered it online, and two days later it arrived at my door.



"My back was soothed, and I felt a noticeable difference in my mobility."

One of my favorite things about this balm is that it's in a deodorant-styled container. So many balms I'd tried before required me to scoop it out with my hands - not ideal for someone who needs to by typing all day.  I put it next to my desk, and as soon as I felt the familiar pang in my back I put the balm on.

The balm itself is solid, but smooth to roll on. It's a wax-based formula, so thankfully it didn't transfer to my clothes like most water-based formulas (hello, icy-hot!). 

It wasn't until about an hour later that I realized I didn't feel pain anymore. I continued to use the balm that week, keeping it by my desk for easy access.  Now, 3 weeks after purchasing, it's become one of my staple items that I actually bring everywhere with me.   


From Skeptic to Advocate

I'm pretty skeptical of most pain relieving balms, because so many have only worked temporarily. This Hemp Balm has been a game changer. I ultimately found that the more I used it, the more benefit I was able to get out of things like yoga, and I'm experiencing little to no back pain now.

I recommend it to all of my friends and co-workers. Even though they too are skeptical at first, I let them know that Bace formulates their balm with minimal and natural ingredients like Arnica, Beeswax, and Lavender, and never uses chemicals in their processing.

I'm excited that there's finally a natural pain relieving product that works. For anyone dealing with the aches and pains of 2021, I highly recommend you try it out - it could be a game changer for you too.